Ottawa's Largest Pawn Shop - Two Levels, 6000 ft.


Do you have something at home you no longer use? We will buy almost anything! Either call, email or come in any time to show us. No appointment needed!

If you have many things you wish to sell, we invite you to email us a list using the contact form below. (Please include manufacturer, model and production date if applicable). Our qualified staff will reply quickly with which items we are interested in seeing. All items are quoted on a condition basis so we are unable to provide guaranteed quotes online or via the phone. We must see the product in person in order to make a final offer. Higher end items such as jewelry, watches etc. must be seen in person to receive a quote. For any large item that cannot be transported easily, we are able to arrange for pick up on a case by case basis.

Should you choose to sell us your items all we need is acceptable identification. Please see below for what we accept:

  • Native Status Card
  • Provincial Driver’s License
  • Provincial Photo Card
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Card
  • CSC Release Card

It’s that easy! Why not give it a shot.

*Estate sales- If you have an estate sale please call or email us and provide us with further details. We will come to you and can schedule pick up of your items.

**All used items undergo a mandatory 30 day hold as they are serial number checked with police before they are placed for sale.